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Nicole Golston
Nicole Golston has been leading the editorial charge at Goizueta for more than 10 years. As managing editor for Emory Business, she writes, edits, and manages the publication process from inception to delivery. Prior to working at GBS, Nicole served as Medical Editor with Pfizer Inc., in New York.

Coffee With… Eve Rosenzweig

Eve Rosenzweig and Stephanie Sears
In her latest research, Eve Rosenzweig, associate professor of information systems and operations management, examines the role of national culture in delivering excellent service...

Inaugural Benston Scholarship awarded

Joonki Noh and Alice Benston
Joonki Noh, a doctoral candidate in finance, is the first recipient of the George J. Benston Scholar Award. The award recognizes a doctoral student...

Global innovators compete at Goizueta

The Navy Yard
Forward-thinkers, innovators, and game changers in corporate real estate traveled to Goizueta this summer to participate in the final phase of competition for the...

Goizueta examines digital impact and research

Digital Impact and Research
To explore the impact of digital on business, higher education, and its future, Emory Business asked six faculty members to share their thoughts on the...

Coffee With… Patrick Noonan

Patrick Noonan and Daria Makhoukova
Russian-born Daria Makhoukova 06MBA had lived in the United States for just two years before enrolling in Goizueta. After tackling the tough world of...

Students growing up in a digital world

Lauren and Marty Weinberg
Digital natives delight in the latest technology and embrace the functionality of living and working via smartphone or tablet. This first generation of digital...

Spring speakers herald preparation, action

Kai Ryssdal
Financial literacy, social entrepreneurship, and embracing one’s life journey were among the themes shared by visiting speakers this spring. On April 8 Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz urged...