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Competitive Thinking at Goizueta

[highlight]Goizueta is prized for its innovative applied learning techniques.[/highlight], including the flagship Management Practice course (MP) and suite of MP elective courses. Developed to combine foundational coursework with company-based project opportunities, these classes give students the hands-on experience needed to build their acumen while providing dozens of corporations with specific business solutions capable of driving their success.

Case Study: Emory Marketing Analytics Consultancy

The “MAC class” (Marketing Analytics Consultancy) puts the real world in front of students. This past year, students put their extensive marketing coursework into action by examining an organization’s social media data to provide valuable insights. Throughout the MAC class, students tackled data challenges, learning to identify, translate, and maximize their results, and at the end of the semester, received a Thought Experiment — a hypothetical situation from companies like The Coca-Cola Company, CNN and The Weather Channel. This year’s issue? How to understand – and use – their social media data to make meaningful business decisions. Student groups sorted through Twitter, Facebook and other social channel information to create useable options that included app enhancements for just-in-time car services that utilize local weather patterns and a process for streamlining local media feeds. Participating organizations appreciated the students ingenuity, citing how the suggestions showcased the depth of analytical and creative thinking that was employed. Graduating full-time student Briana Soria summed the interaction up best.

“It was a dialogue. We discussed the business hurdles of our proposal just like it was a real client meeting. It proved to us that prior to examining the data you have to take the time to think creatively about what kinds of ways you can utilize it.”

This hands-on approach used daily at Goizueta is helping develop students into “data scientists”, an emerging breed of results-oriented problem-solvers who know how to ask the right questions of data. It also produces meaningful, results-oriented partnerships between industry and our classrooms that allow both to benefit – making it a true win-win.

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Emory University’s Goizueta Business School is one of the nation’s only schools with four, top-20 ranked degree programs. The school offers a unique, community-oriented environment paired with an academic prestige and rigor shared with the international acclaim of Emory University. Goizueta trains business leaders of today and tomorrow with an Undergraduate degree program, a Two-Year Full-Time MBA, a One-Year MBA, an Evening MBA, an Executive MBA (Weekend and Modular formats), a Doctoral degree and a portfolio of non-degree Emory Executive Education courses. The school is named for the late Roberto C. Goizueta, former Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company. For more information, visit goizueta.emory.edu and follow us on Twitter at @emorygoizueta.