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Lewis: Here’s why the 2016 Election predictions were wrong

Analytics guru Mike Lewis put on the politics hat this week, stepping away from sports to identify some of the issues with 2016 Election polls. "The problem with assumptions about party affiliation in an election like 2016, is that the underlying coalitions of the two parties are in transition," he writes.

Trade deals more complicated than they seem

Goizueta expert Tom Smith says the claims made during the election on the negative side of trade are too one-sided. "It is naive to say a trade deal is responsible for... jobs lost," he said. "There are jobs that are gained through trade as well."

Emory experts comment on 2016 Election

The election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States left many people wondering what lessons can be gleaned from an unpredictable and often polarizing presidential race. Goizueta expert Melissa Williams comments on possible challenges for women serving in the administration.