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Goizueta’s evolving global strategy

Proper exposure to international business requires multiple lenses. Yet one resource sometimes overlooked is the international elements across the university. Goizueta’s Dean Erika James, with an eye toward collaboration, has challenged the school to create more opportunities to prepare for international immersion and partner across campus.

India Summit Explores Digitizing Identity

Many of India’s poorest citizens do not have the luxury of birth or marriage certificates to prove their identities. Some don’t even know their...

Alumni Discuss Re-Generating Success

Three’s Company takes on a whole new meaning in a multigenerational workplace where values-driven, Boomer executives collide with the alienated pragmatism of Gen-X middle...

Indian Ambassador Examines ‘Why India Matters’

Meera Shankar, India’s ambassador to the U.S., recently delivered the keynote address at Emory University’s Emerging India Summit, offering a panoply of reasons for...