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Buttery ATL two Gruyère pretzels

Do Anonymous Ghost Kitchens Actually Prepare Meals for Your Family?

Top restaurants and entrepreneurs are opening “ghost kitchens” for delivery only in a neighborhood near you. Craving Korean...
MealMe app co-founder Matthew Bouchner 20B

Meal delivery in the time of Coronavirus

Goizueta student and MealMe app co-founder Matthew Bouchner 20B helps ensure a good deal. MealMe app co-founder Matthew...

“BBA Student Debuts Foodie App,” The Emory Wheel

What if there was an app exclusively for food that combined the best features of Postmates and Instagram? What if you could tap on your friend’s photo and order that exact dish all in one app? Self-proclaimed foodie and entrepreneur Matthew Bouchner 20BBA has attempted to create just this app with MealMe.