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Smith: Traffic issues from I-85 collapse could hurt small business

The fire that burned under a bridge on I-85 North Thursday evening did more than cause a collapse of the roadway and potentially months...

Rosensweig: Trade war could hurt Georgia economy

Georgia has deep ties to China. As a new Presidential Administration gets started, thoughts of a trade war sit on the horizon. Associate Professor Jeff Rosensweig talks about it with WABE.

Smith: Companies win by giving employees chances to do good

Finance professor Tom Smith tells NPR News in Atlanta that companies like Mail Chimp that cater to employees' personal goals are doing a better job at retaining talent.

Marketers break down success, failure of Black Friday

Professor Doug Bowman talks retailers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Trade deals more complicated than they seem

Goizueta expert Tom Smith says the claims made during the election on the negative side of trade are too one-sided. "It is naive to say a trade deal is responsible for... jobs lost," he said. "There are jobs that are gained through trade as well."

WABE: 2016 Election has heavy ties to the economy

Goizueta Business School economist Tom Smith chats with the hosts of WABE's "A Closer Look" about the U.S. economy and its role in the 2016 General Election.