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MBA students gain surprising insights with virtual leadership simulation

MBA students gain surprising insights with virtual leadership simulation

Learning by doing is one way to teach leadership skills, but it’s not the only way. Students participating...
Measuring business growth

Researchers urge: Learn from (someone else’s) experience

Kristy Towry Measuring your performance as a business is critical. If you want to grow and be successful, you...
The Urgent IMPACT of Emory's COVID-19 Telemedicine Growth

The urgent IMPACT of Emory’s COVID-19 telemedicine growth

As 2020 began, the world was just waking up to the harsh medical realities of the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19. Goizueta’s...

Goizueta IMPACT Showcase: Much more than just a day

On May 9 students gathered in Jenkins Courtyard for the 2019 Goizueta IMPACT Showcase Day award ceremony, awaiting the announcement of which team won Goizueta Gold.

Students present final insights during Goizueta’s IMPACT Showcase Day

At the end of spring semester, the halls of Goizueta were abuzz when nearly 300 business executives from a multitude of Fortune 500, mid-size, entrepreneurial and nonprofit organizations came to campus for Goizueta’s IMPACT Showcase Day.

Noonan to Lead Management Practice Initiatives

Long-time Goizueta professor Patrick Noonan has been appointed to oversee the school's experiential, "Management Practice" initiatives, it was announced today. Noonan, Associate Professor in the Practice...