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The Urgent IMPACT of Emory's COVID-19 Telemedicine Growth

The Urgent IMPACT of Emory’s COVID-19 Telemedicine Growth

As 2020 began, the world was just waking up to the harsh medical realities of the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19. Goizueta’s...

Students present final insights during Goizueta’s IMPACT Showcase Day

At the end of spring semester, the halls of Goizueta were abuzz when nearly 300 business executives from a multitude of Fortune 500, mid-size, entrepreneurial and nonprofit organizations came to campus for Goizueta’s IMPACT Showcase Day.

Noonan to Lead Management Practice Initiatives

Long-time Goizueta professor Patrick Noonan has been appointed to oversee the school's experiential, "Management Practice" initiatives, it was announced today. Noonan, Associate Professor in the Practice...