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You’ve Built a Racially Diverse Team. But Have You Built an...

Emory Business is pleased to share the following op-ed that appeared in Harvard Business Review by Jill Perry-Smith, Goizueta Foundation Term Chair, professor of...

A better way to determine corporate valuation lies in customer data

Experts encourage investors, corporations to focus on projections that rely on consumer behavior, loyalty ATLANTA – (December 17, 2019) – Getting in on the...

Graduating during recession could mean less money, more happiness

Professor Emily Bianchi says graduating during a recession could mean less money but more happiness. Read her full write up in the Harvard Business Review.

Professors say managers shouldn’t have final say in performance reviews

Goizueta's Karen Sedatole, University of Missouri's Will Demeré and College of William and Mary's Alexander Woods discuss why managers shouldn't have the final say in performance reviews in a new article published by the Harvard Business Review.
Peter Roberts

Peter Roberts discusses startup accelerators in emerging markets

Professor of Organization & Management and Academic Director of Social Enterprise @ Goizueta Peter Roberts talks about how startup accelerators have become more popular in emerging markets in the Harvard Business Review.
Emily Bianchi, associate professor of organization & management

Goizueta’s Emily Bianchi discusses new findings about CEOs, recessions and ethics

Assistant Professor of Organization & Management Emily Bianchi shows recession graduates are more ethical, less narcissistic and stay with companies longer in a new article from Harvard Business Review

HBR: Maximizing Global Opportunities

Associate Professor of Finance Jeff Rosensweig recently presented a webinar for Harvard Business Review in which he discussed some of the aspects of a...