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Smith: Companies win by giving employees chances to do good

Finance professor Tom Smith tells NPR News in Atlanta that companies like Mail Chimp that cater to employees' personal goals are doing a better job at retaining talent.

Bianchi: People in wealthy households spend more time alone

Assistant Professor of Organization and Management Emily Bianchi spoke with NPR this week on new research tying some social behaviors to income.

Hall named one of Atlanta’s 30 Under 30

Assistant Professor of Organization and Management Erika Hall has been named to the Atlanta Business Chronicle's prestigious 30 Under 30 list. Hall, 30, has been at Goizueta since...

Schweidel, colleagues find ads don’t resonate with binge watchers

Emory professor David Schweidel and colleagues have found that binge watching does not equate into more results for advertisers. NPR's "Hidden Brain" explores.

Americans becoming more responsible with credit cards

Goizueta's Tom Smith tells NPR that Americans aren't spending like they used to, especially when it comes to throwing charges on their credit cards.

Will variance in gas prices affect airline industry?

So when do drops in fuel prices get passed on to consumers? In particular, when does it cost less to book a flight? A recent...

Mercedes’ move to Atlanta means deeper ties to uneasy Europe

Goizueta Business School economist Jeff Rosensweig likens it to the common cold, the United States' relationship with the European economy. A simple sneeze can have a...

Study suggests recession made young workers more humble

As reported on Marketplace: Every generation thinks they're better than the next, and the "you kids get off my lawn" attitude has been particularly tough...