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“Specialty coffee increasingly rare, pricey,” Bloomberg

Professor Peter Roberts and others at Goizueta Business School keep an eye on the price of various coffees throughout the world. Specialty coffee is increasingly pricey, but that's not always good for farmers.

Peter Roberts leads second annual Transparent Trade Coffee Colloquium

Transparent Trade Coffee recently held its second annual colloquium, involving a range of forward-thinking coffee professionals in a series of discussions about how to leverage pricing transparency as one way to evolve green coffee purchasing behaviors.

Goizueta’s TTC finds cost of specialty coffee lowest in South

Recent observations from Goizueta's Transparent Trade Coffee project found the cost to purchase a pound of specialty coffee is lowest in the South. The project also suggests that coffee is the most expensive out West.

Social Enterprise’s Transparent Trade Coffee launches ongoing editorial series

Academic Director of Social Enterprise Peter Roberts and the Transparent Trade Coffee team have launched a new column series in Daily Coffee News exploring transparency in specialty coffee markets.

Coffee buyers gather for Roasters Colloquium

From Daily Coffee News: A group of coffee buyers representing companies at the vanguardĀ of the direct trade movement gatheredĀ earlier this month on the campus of...