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Goizueta’s class of 2023 BBA graduates achieved remarkable success as they entered the workforce, securing employment positions with some of the nation’s leading companies.

“These graduates remain committed to pursuing opportunities they are passionate about in fields where they can make an immediate impact, while simultaneously achieving their leadership and academic goals,” says Sarah Leist, the director of employer relations at the BBA Career Management Center.

“What is so great about the Goizueta BBA curriculum is that it offers so much breadth,” says Andrea Hershatter, associate professor in the practice of organization and management and senior associate dean of undergraduate education. “While we equip our students to pursue desirable post-graduate opportunities, they are not locked into a particular function or industry. Our students have the knowledge and tools to follow many paths over the course of their careers and I’m always delighted to watch our alumni excel in unexpected ways!” 

Turning Degrees into Job Offers 

The statistics are a testament to their achievements, with an impressive 93 percent of the 2023 BBA graduates receiving employment offers within three months of graduation, with 92 percent electing to accept those offers. Last year’s graduates also enjoyed higher salaries, with the average mean base salary rising to $85,315 from $80,973 last year. Around 8 percent of graduates are pursuing graduate school. 

Goizueta BBA graduates landed positions with several renowned global companies such as American Express, Bank of America, BlackRock, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Citi, Deloitte, Delta Airlines, Google, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, KPMG, and Truist, among others. 

Interest in Finance and Consulting Holds Strong  

The financial services sector continued to be the top choice for Goizueta BBA graduates, as 32 percent secured positions in this industry. Consulting followed closely, attracting 27 percent of graduates. Marketing and sales replaced accounting as the third most desirable field, with 12 percent of graduates electing to pursue this passion. Other industries that attracted Goizueta BBA graduates included advertising/public relations, real estate, information technology, and business analytics. 

Geographically, graduates scattered across the map, with the largest representation in the Northeast (40 percent). Another 32 percent opted for positions in the South, leveraging its thriving entrepreneurial landscape and burgeoning tech industry. 

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