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But did it trend on Twitter?

The Bloomberg and Trump campaigns purchased the only two political ads that aired during Super Bowl 2020. Professor David Schweidel tracked the responses to those ads on social media.

Knowledge Creation: A look at the research of PhD alumni

With a look to the school’s future influence, the rigorous research methodologies imparted by Goizueta faculty are passed on to doctoral graduates. The following is a sample of recently created and ongoing new knowledge.

Marketing professor, colleagues explore use of text analysis

In a new Journal of Marketing article, Marketing Professor David Schweidel and colleagues explore automated text analysis and the best way to use it for marketing insights.

Schweidel: New regulations could lead to more niche marketing

Marketing Professor David Schweidel writes in Adweek that increased online privacy regulations will change the way marketers communicate with consumers.

Professors research whether negative political advertising works

Mike Lewis and David Schweidel of Emory University and Yanwen Wang of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver co-authored a study that found negative political adverting is more effective than positive political advertising in senatorial campaigns.

Healthcare professionals show caution in social media

Associate Professor of Marketing David Schweidel spoke with the Atlanta Journal Constitution recently on personal social media use in sensitive professions, like nursing. It is of...

Content use — and demand — continues to rise on web

Associate Professor of Marketing David Schweidel discusses the rise of content-driven marketing, "clickbait" and the resources to maintain efforts.

Schweidel: Don’t expect Trump’s social media use to fade

Donald Trump will be sworn in as the next President of the United States on Jan. 20. Associate Professor of Marketing David Schweidel says that act alone won't change Trump's use of Twitter.

Schweidel: Facebook Live a new tool in consumer engagement

Marketing professor David Schweidel admits some executions may seem odd, but Facebook Live is a new -- and powerful -- tool for consumer engagament.

#BigBoulder conference offers big social data insight

This is where social data, innovation and big business meet. Associate Professor of Marketing David Schweidel is one of the conference organizers for the Big Boulder Initiative. Check out some of the commentary prior to more in-depth coverage from EB.com.