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Unraveling the intricacies of global connectivity

The challenges of global business go well beyond language barriers. To create lasting, authentic partnerships, one must embrace culture, history, and societal norms.

FERC’s Cheryl LaFleur talks energy policy during visit with students

The members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission are not exactly household names. They also don’t come with many shared experiences as, say, The Beatles. As Cheryl LaFleur said during a recent visit to the Goizueta Business School, FERC is more like The Monkees or the Spice Girls.

Coffee With… Ray Hill

Taking the plunge and diving into unknown waters is par for the course to Ray Hill. As a young academic, he advised on economic policy in Washington while teaching, eventually being lured away from Princeton University to take on the then-uncharted territory of investment banking in China and broader Asia.

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