Japan Fundraiser
Goizueta students hosted a fundraiser in the school's courtyard on March 31 and, to date, have raised close to $10,000 for earthquake disaster relief.

The numbers are in and efforts from the Goizueta community exceeded the monetary goal for Japanese disaster relief.

A fundraising site will remain active until January 2012, but as of today, more than $14,700 has been raised — above the stated goal of $10,000. Funds will go to the American Red Cross to help tsunami victims in Japan.

On March 11 a magnitude-9.0 earthquake hit off the shore of Japan causing damage and creating a tsunami that devastated almost everything in its path.

Japanese students at Goizueta hosted a fundraiser for earthquake relief March 31.


At the time of the quake, more than a dozen Goizueta students were visiting Tokyo.  Each returned safely within a few days of the disaster.

Look for more on their story and the school’s support efforts in future Newsroom posts and the next edition of Goizueta Magazine.


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