Goizueta Gives
Goizueta students give their time to help The Global Soap Project on April 6, 2012.

Goizueta students don’t just gather in the classroom. They are active in the community and organize many volunteer opportunities each year.

On April 6, more than a dozen students with Goizueta Gives traveled into the Atlanta suburbs to assist with the Global Soap Project — a locally-based, non-profit that collects discarded soap from hotel rooms and reprocess it into bars for vulnerable populations throughout the world. Students sorted, inspected, cleaned, cut and stored recovered bars of soap.

According to the project website, there 4.6-million hotel rooms in the United States with an estimated 2.6-million soap bars are discarded every day.

The founder of the Global Soap Project, Derreck Kayongo, was selected as a CNN Hero in 2011.

“Millions of children around the world have no soap,” Kayongo said in a video describing the program, adding a child dies of preventable illness every 30 seconds. “The simple act of a child washing hands can reduce the risk of diarrhea and other illnesses by 30 to 50 percent.”

Soap is purified and processed into new bars and shipped and donated to families living in African refugee camps.


  1. I had heard about this Global Soap Project and was so impressed with this simple idea and how it is positively affecting so many people. From our waste to a beneficial resource to help others…this is about as “green” as it gets. Wonderful and encouraging and powerful! Great to see the Golzueta students get involved.

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