Founder and CEO of the Center for Hispanic Leadership, Glen Llopis

Goizueta’s 8th Annual Diverse Leadership Conference, held on April 19th at Goizueta Business School, focused on providing students and professionals a forum to discuss business leadership, career advancement, and diverse networks.

former Senior Vice President of Digital Enterprise Operations, Turner Broadcasting System, Vickie Hamilton

The conference featured keynote speaker Glenn Llopis, founder and CEO of the Center for Hispanic Leadership, who introduced the opening session with a discussion on “The Immigrant Perspective on Business Leadership: Skills that Enable Diversity in your Business”.

After the welcome session, workshops were provided on personal branding and executive presence, followed by a women’s panel on office politics and navigating careers.

Guest speaker Vicki Hamilton, former senior vice president of digital enterprise operations at Turner Broadcasting Systems,  led the Keynote Luncheon with a presentation on “Diverse Networks and the Advancement of Your Career”.

The conference wrapped with workshop offerings on how to pursue a career that is also your passion and incorporating technology and social media in a discussion of future career possibilities.

The conference is held annually by the Goizueta Business School to further the development of leadership, entrepreneurship, and careers in diverse networks.

– Fiona Zhao