EMBA students with Congressman John Lewis

Goizueta Business School’s Executive MBA Program (EMBA) distinguishes itself by developing well-rounded leaders, equipped to address organizational needs in various capacities. Most recently, EMBA students traveled to our nation’s capital for a weeklong immersive experience called Washington Campus. Activities and lectures are carefully planned to build and strengthen students’ knowledge of business matters relating to decisions they face in the workplace. Students learn how policy affects the business world, in areas of strategy, growth and profitability.

“Washington Campus gives students the opportunity to hear from and interact with legislators, policy makers and other Washington insiders to learn how government works.

Students leave with a much deeper understanding of how business and government intersect, which is directly relevant to their day to day work,” says Jonathan Darsey, associate dean of Executive MBA Programs.

From the moment they arrived in DC students embarked upon a learning experience that adds value to their MBA. Core and elective sessions include guest speakers that are influential Washington players, including Congressman John Lewis, U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 5th congressional district.

“The trip was a weeklong opportunity to further develop and practice soft skills like networking and relationship management,” says Walter Ward 14WEMBA, business development director at JP Morgan Chase. “Each session facilitator carried weight in his or her spheres of influence and was open to speaking outside of the workshop. I definitely deepened my network during the trip.”

Session facilitators were very open to speaking to students and answering questions.

Lectures covered an array of issues and broadened students’ understanding of the government process and what it means for business leaders. Topics included understanding Congress, the role of lobbyists, the role of media in public policy, an overview of the federal budget, the federal regulation process, various global and international policy issues, and more.

“The sessions that stand out mostly to me were “Global Competitiveness” led by Grant Aldonas, principal managing director at Split Rock International and former under secretary for international trade at the U.S. Department of Commerce and “International Policy and Diplomacy” led by Tim Roemer, senior adviser at APCO Worldwide, former U.S. Ambassador to India,” says Dr. Aiming Sun 14WEMBA, project manager at Emory Institute for Drug Development. “With the rapid changing business environment and massive redistribution of economic power to emerging world markets, their perspectives and experiences with both cultures, are beneficial not only to MBA students but to any one of us who lives in such a rapidly changing world.”

Visits to House and Senate hearings, the Supreme Court, and other DC landmarks were also included in the week’s activities. Washington Campus is one of the many ways Goizueta takes students beyond the classroom.

EMBA students take in the sights of our nation's capital.


“The knowledge I am gaining from Emory allows me to understand the workings of the global economy,” says David Williams 14WEMBA, VP at Mckesson. “There are always two sides to the story. With my newfound knowledge, I am able to sit back and ask probing questions as opposed to jumping into the conversation one sided.”

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