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As host of “Discover Your Hispanic Leadership Impact and Influence,” a two-day exclusive workshop to help Hispanic students and professionals advance their careers, Goizueta Business School continues to support the growth and development of Hispanic leadership in business.

“At Goizueta Business School, we are committed to developing Hispanic business leaders,” says Alicia Sierra, Assistant Dean of Diversity and Community Initiatives for the Goizueta Business School. “Our partnership with CHL further aids our goals to reach Hispanic students and professionals across the country in order to discover and foster Hispanic talent.”

The program, sponsored by Verizon Wireless, incorporates curriculum from the Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL).  The CHL curriculum teaches Hispanics to leverage their cultural values in efforts to advance in their careers.

“CHL has shown through its proven ‘Hispanic cultural-characteristics framework’ that when Hispanics begin to fully leverage the strengths derived from their cultural values, they ultimately become more successful because they enable the natural ways they think, act and innovate,” says Marisa Salcines, CHL Atlanta Chapter President.

Glen Llopis, CHL Founder, will lead the workshop. He says,

“In order to change the current context and conversation about U.S. Hispanics from misrepresented stereotypes to catalysts for growth, we must begin to think of Hispanics and their immigrant perspective as a powerful source to help America. A source that will strengthen global competitiveness, prepare organizations for global market expansions, and stimulate job creation and economic growth.”

CHL Two-Day Workshop Program at Emory University Goizueta Business School

  • When: October 22 – 23, 2013 from 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
  • Where: 1300 Clifton Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30322 — Room W320,
  • Cost: $2,500 per participant
  • Workshop Materials Include: books, self-evaluation, assessments and HLA online training for 6 months.
  • Enrollment is open through October 4, 2013

Workshop participants will receive access to CHL’s online Hispanic Leadership Academy and eligibility to earn CHL Level-1 Certification.

For more information about the workshop and how to attend, contact Annette Prieto-Llopis at aprieto@centerforhispanicleadership.com or 949-387-2609.

For more details, view the original press release from CHL, here.


  1. Leadership: Making people more able than they were.
    Since my graduation from the US Navel Academy in 1959 I have seen almost miraculous responses to great leadership resulting in positive outcomes. I have seen the same leadership have zero effect on other, seemingly similiar individuals and circumstances. At 76 years of age I am still unable to explain it.

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