David SchweidelAssociate Professor of Marketing David Schweidel and two co-writers were recently honored with awards from the Marketing Science Institute.

Schweidel and co-authors Wendy Moe (Maryland) and Chris Boudreaux’s (Converseon, Inc.) won the best paper award for “Social Media Intelligence: Measuring Brand Sentiment from Online Conversations.”

The work also won the honor of most downloaded item.

“In the study, Schweidel, Moe, and a team from the social media consultancy Converseon developed a statistical model that adjusted for various factors—such as venue and posting dynamics—that can influence posted opinions. Their model allowed them to isolate a measure of underlying brand sentiment from how customers felt about individual product attributes within the brand portfolio,” writes MSI.

Schweidel said social media was a leading indicator on brand survey results and stock movement. He says social media can be a valuable customer outreach and marketing research platform.