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Remembering a Magical Evening: Our Centennial Gala

The Goizueta Centennial Gala was a night to remember and a fitting way to commemorate a century that won’t be forgotten. It held special meaning for everyone who gathered at the event – faculty, staff, alumni, and friends from our broader community  Enjoy this highlight video, which captures some of the magic of the evening as well as a commitment to support our next 100 years.

Julie Barefoot
Leader, 100th Anniversary Celebration

“What 100 means to me…”
Reflections from Staff and Faculty

Lynne Segall
Associate Dean, Goizueta IMPACT
Senior Lecturer, Organization & Management

“I’ve had phenomenal opportunities to engage with notable leaders, including Mr. Roberto Goizueta himself. It was the spring of 1997, when, as part of “Woodruff Weekend,” the scholar finalists loaded into a crowded van and drove to The Coca-Cola Company headquarters.

“We were able to meet Mr. Goizueta in a sprawling executive conference room adjacent to his office. He entered the room dressed in formal business attire – we learned later that he never left his office without his jacket on. It was obvious we were in the presence of a true gentleman. He sat at the table and invited each of us to ask him a question.

“At the time, the company was being pressured to change the type of plastic it used in its bottles. I asked him for his thoughts on the matter. He used his answer to educate us on his view of the role of CEO, explaining that his sole purpose was to create value for his shareowners. He made a point to explain his intention behind using the term “shareowner” versus “shareholder.” His commitment to that purpose was singular and unapologetic, and his pride in The Coca-Cola Company was contagious.

“That and other leadership experiences I’ve had has come full circle. They not only helped shape my own leadership style, but also gave me a model for how to create leadership experiences for my students.”


18BBA Brandon Walker shared how his Goizueta Scholarship was a life-changing and empowering award.

Gala Speakers Professor Wes Longhofer and 08MBA Percy Muente shared the importance of the school’s investment in business and society and how business can and should be a force for good.

Dean Erika James challenged Gala attendees to invest in the school so that Goizueta will continue to provide an exceptional education to its students in the next 100 years.

Featured #GoizuetaBeyond Profile

No. 43:
Ashley Grice 03MBA

As CEO of BrightHouse, Ashley helps clients discover their unique purpose. The way she does it is equally unique – by coalescing diverse elements and perspectives: big data analytics, journalism, theology, science and more. Learn more about Ashley and other leaders featured GoizuetaBeyond.com.



Going Beyond: The Next 100 Years

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