Dear members of the Goizueta Business School community,

I know I speak for many of us when I express my feelings of anger, sadness, and pain in response to the recent acts of racial violence and injustice across our nation ─ some of which occurred close to home here in Atlanta. Among them are the tragic and senseless deaths of three African American citizens, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor.

Unfortunately, these events are not unprecedented, but rather are a reflection of the ways in which members of our society are failing one another. Yet, I find solace in knowing that the Goizueta faculty, staff, students, and alumni are supporting each other and standing together in solidarity. We recognize that each and every one of us is responsible for fighting racism. We will continue to be a voice for equality and inclusion, and for the good that businesses and business schools can and should do in our communities. Never has our charge to devote ourselves to business and society been more important. As a school, we will continue to seek ways to use our collective talents to improve our society and ensure the humanity and civility of our interactions with our fellow citizens. 

If you feel, as I do, the need to show support for the members of our community most affected by these acts of racism, I encourage you to join me and other members of the Emory community at the Vigil of Solidarity In Remembrance of Victims of Racists Violence that Emory’s Office of Religious and Spiritual Life and Campus Life is hosting on Friday, June 5th at 4 p.m.

Please do not hesitate to utilize the resources available if you need support during this time, including Goizueta’s Human Resources and Diversity Office, Emory’s Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP), and Emory’s Religious and Spiritual Life. Additional resources are also listed below. I invite you to join me in identifying the ways in which each of us can support one another, support our students, and help heal our community.

Very sincerely,

Karen L. Sedatole
Interim John H. Harland Dean
Goizueta Business School


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Emory Learning Services:

  • Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workplace (EDU) (255029): This course uses the unique experiences of real people to explore key concepts such as identity, power, privilege, and communication. By gaining a better appreciation for our shared experiences of difference, expectations of respect, and need to belong and feel appreciated, faculty and staff are encouraged to identify how they can create a more inclusive and accepting campus.
  • Managing Bias (255036): This course trains faculty and staff that understanding bias in the workplace is the first step to managing it. Biases can affect our actions, which can have real impacts on people. If left unchecked biases can create unhealthy work environments that reinforce unjust practices. Recognition, however creates a foundation to evaluate how these attitudes shape our workplace. 
  • Harassment & Discrimination Prevention (Supervisor) (255027): This course is designed to help supervisors address inappropriate behavior before it creates a “hostile work environment.” It gives supervisors the skills necessary to reduce potential legal risks by recognizing and addressing abusive behavior and other misconduct, including microaggressions and unconscious bias, that may lead to workplace bullying or hostility, reducing productivity and creativity. The training invites supervisors to consider the nature of harassment and discrimination, and provides practical tips on creating a safe, inclusive environment for work, including safe and positive options for bystander intervention.