Joe Adamski

As Joe Adamski 09MBA wrapped up his career with the U.S. Air Force, he was looking for a new path, a new area to take flight. Adamski enjoyed problem solving and sought the type of business school to offer him the credentials, access to knowledge, and network that comes from a high-quality program. Goizueta Business School felt most like home.

Since Adamski has become a professional, the personal connections he developed at Goizueta have continued into his everyday life.

“I still consider several of my professors to be friends,” he says. “They’re people that I highly respect.” He acknowledged that lessons in critical thinking were delivered with real-world examples, personal experiences, and outcomes, including lessons learned.

Working in the procurement industry, Adamski has worked with ProcureAbility for the last year after earlier stints with A.T. Kearney and Georgia Pacific. Goizueta helped Adamski develop hard skills and soft skills to use in procurement consulting.

“From a hard skill perspective, the way to think about problems, the way to even first off ask the question, ‘Is this a problem worth thinking about?’ That is definitely something I use on a regular basis,” he notes.

Adamski recalled the change management and leadership courses that gave him the tools to influence clients and colleagues to, “help them along that evolutionary journey.” Soft skills have become increasingly important during the pandemic where meeting remotely by video conference is a way of life. Welcoming colleagues and clients into your home via a computer monitor has become a necessity to grow relationships. “We have to strive to make sure that we can see each other as human beings, not just as someone on the other side of the screen,” Adamski says.