Mack Morris 24MAF was worried about applying to Goizueta Business School’s Masters of Analytical Finance program.  

While she didn’t have any shortage of analytical know-how, she was concerned about her lack of financial prowess.  

“Everyone I spoke to during the recruitment process reassured me that I would be welcomed into the program. They assured me that my lack of financial knowledge wouldn’t be a hindrance,” she says.  

As she looks forward to graduation, that sense of belonging and community remain strong.  

My years of exploring other paths have been an asset to the program rather than something I had to compensate for.

Mack Morris 24MAF

Morris will be staying at Emory after graduation. The soon-to-be graduate of the Masters of Analytical Finance program is looking forward to her job as investment analyst for Emory Investment Management. There, she’ll be working with the public equity team to continue to put the university’s endowment fund to good use for current and future students.

“It feels so cool to be staying with Emory,” she says of her new job. “With this being only a one-year program, it can be hard to feel connected to the university. But knowing I’ll be here [after graduation] has kept me engaged in the classroom and motivated to stay involved in the campus community.” 

Before graduate school was a thought in Morris’ head, she was a student at Missouri State University. Somehow, she managed to wrangle the coursework of two bachelor’s degrees and three minors—at the same time that she was working.  

Her background is focused in academia. Morris held roles as a teaching assistant, student ambassador and regional lead for Cengage Learning, and eventually as a financial aid and scholarship advisor for AmeriCorps. 

The Good Samaritan (Financial) Outlook 

After visiting her best friend, who was already living in Atlanta, Morris fell in love with the city. She attended improv and filmmaking events with her friend, who’s an actress. Morris said it was this experience—the arts community—that drew her.  

“When I decided to move to Atlanta, I wanted to spend a year doing something completely unrelated to anything I had done before,” says Morris.  

This desire led her to AmeriCorps because “it’s a values-driven organization that takes people from all backgrounds.” The year-long role exposed her to new experiences and new people.  

“I loved working on a small team of devoted professionals. I saw the impact of my work every day and felt motivated to do even the smallest tasks,” says Morris. 

During her yearlong role, she began to realize she was missing something: the analytics. Through her conversations with high school students and families, she also realized where her strengths were.  

My comparative advantage was in quantitative reasoning, data analysis, and talking about finance. I could do so in a way that non-finance people could understand. As I met with financial professionals and researched opportunities, I felt pulled to a career in finance.

Mack Morris 24MAF

“I knew I wanted to see a more tangible impact from my work. Finance seemed the perfect intersection of my training and my desire to do good in the world,” says Morris. 

To better launch that career, Morris began looking at graduate school options. While she had the strength for analysis, she wanted to learn more finance-specific skills and the resources to figure out the perfect next step for her career in this industry. 

Since she was already located in Atlanta, one program stood out. 

Making the Most of a 10-Month Program 

Though Goizueta’s Masters of Analytical Finance program is less than one year long, it’s action-based. In addition to a hefty courseload, students receive ample networking opportunities. These include listening to guest speakers, off-site trips, and participating in community events. It was through these non-classroom experiences that Morris began to feel like a full-fledged member of the greater Atlanta financial community. 

“I went to the Chartered Financial Analyst Society annual forecast dinner with some of my classmates. I saw at least a dozen familiar faces there from people we had been introduced to within the program.”

It made me feel like I belonged here and made me less nervous to talk to new people.

Mack Morris 24MAF

Morris also loved the trip to New York City. While she has no immediate plans to move to the Big Apple, Morris says the experience allowed her to deepen connections with classmates, identify other job opportunities, and learn more about the industry culture. 

“You get what you put into the program,” Morris advises future students. “I was shocked. I learned so much and realized how many opportunities I had to deepen my knowledge, expand my network, and try new things. Take advantage of every opportunity.” 

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