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Leisure Travel Sputters Amid Record COVID-19 Cases

Just as U.S. travelers thought they were in the clear to book long-awaited trips, the Omicron variant of COVID-19 swept in and...

“The Way Forward: The Economy,” Emory News

10 object lessons about how businesses and markets might eventually rebound from economic upheaval.

45 Atlanta Area Businesses Complete Goizueta Business School Start:ME Community-Based Accelerator...

Start:ME provides business know-how, mentorship support, and early-stage capital to promising micro-entrepreneurs.
Business Insider

“5 business schools offering the best programs and curricula to prepare...

Business Insider has named Goizueta Business School as having one of the best programs for students in a post-pandemic world.
Businesses Affected by COVID

“Businesses Affected by COVID,” 11Alive

Assistant Professor Dan McCarthy shares how businesses were impacted in 2020 and the consumer standpoint.
Research Reveals Shared E-Scooter Systems Can Generate Significant Positive Economic Spillover

Research Reveals Shared E-Scooter Systems Can Generate Significant Positive...

ATLANTA, March 11, 2021 – New research examining the economic impact of micromobility on local economies found shared e-scooter systems created an estimated $13.8 million in additional sales...