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Leadership awards announced

Major Jason “J” Waidzulis 20MBA and Michael Battat 20BBA The winners of this year’s Roberto...

When online advertising stops motivating and starts irritating

New study finds increased frequency of online advertising exposure may annoy consumers, depending on where they stand with regard to purchasing ATLANTA, GA – Cyber Monday...

Professor examines tradeoffs in display advertising

When does display advertising cross the threshold from effective to annoying? Assistant Professor Vilma Todri and colleagues say it depends on where the consumer is in the sales funnel (among other factors).

Knowledge Creation: A look at research from Spring 2018

Using rigorous methodologies, Goizueta faculty focus on researching important problems that affect the practice of business. The following is a sample of recently created new knowledge.

Goizueta Business School welcomes new faculty

Goizueta welcomes new faculty including (from left to right) Vilma Todri, assistant professor of information systems & operations management; Rohan Ganduri, assistant professor of...
New Faculty

Nine new faculty members join for Fall 2016

"I am both privileged and honored to help this group achieve new heights as researchers and educators," said Kristy Towry, Vice Dean of Faculty and Research.

Goizueta adds more key thought leaders

In recent years, under faculty leadership, Goizueta has undertaken wholesale curriculum updates designed to provide more industry-specific and contemporary coursework. Meet some of the new -- and very well-connected -- faculty in the classroom.