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Decision making is key in the ever-changing landscape of business. And in that landscape lies a world of uncertainty and change.

What about the art of problem solving when the problem just isn’t as simple as it used to be? Students at Emory have the Goizueta Advantage to help prepare them.

“I tell my students that I want them to imagine me sitting on their shoulder so, when they get out in the business world and they encounter something that looks a little funny, I’m on their shoulder saying, ‘Hey, we talked about this,” says Kristy Towry, associate professor of accounting.

“We focus a lot on ambiguity. Our students, by the time they finish their first semester here, have heard that word a lot because we believe good decision makers thrive under ambiguity. We are not trying to just talk about uncertainty but ambiguity, which is more complicated than that.”


Towry joined the Goizueta Business School faculty in the Fall of 2002 after receiving her Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Austin. She has extensive experience in managerial accounting and finance, having spent nine years at Exxon Company, USA and Compaq Computer Corp. Her research relates to the use of accounting information for managerial decision making, with a special focus on managerial control systems and financial incentives.