Notable comments from Goizueta staff, faculty and students will be shared each week along with news on alumni, programs and rankings. Click here to review previous media updates. You can also inform Goizueta Newsroom of media postings (email). Summer Camp, in Hyderabad Slums
“‘We knew we were not going to have 400 perfect English speakers [by the end of the camp], but we wanted them to be more confident and speak out for themselves,’ said 23-year old Allison Gross, an Emory University graduate who also worked on the project.” IT Inroads In Health Care
“[Alum] Michael Cherny, Vice President, is a Research Analyst on the health care services and technology team at Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. Mr. Cherny joined the bank in 2006 and is responsible for six companies within the health care services and technology universe. He also initiated co-coverage of the health IT sector in 2008 and primary coverage in 2009.” Brett Chepenik Has A Vast Experience In Fitness Field
Brett Chepenik is the president and founder of Timed Exercise. Before transitioning to this new venture, Mr. Chepenik founded and operated Gracor Fitness, a successful personal training company for nine years in Jacksonville, FL and was the largest personal training company there. A graduate of Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, he is active in Donna Hicken Foundation and several other local charities.”

Goizueta Newsroom: Alum Testifies Before Congress
“BBA alum and founder/CEO of SecondMarket Barry Silbert testified before Congress recently in regards to proposed legislation that would increase the amount of shareholders private companies are allowed before publicly disclosing finances.”

Goizueta Newsroom: Alumni Gather for 50-Year Reunion
“Members of the Emory Business School Class of 1961 gathered last month to celebrate commencement and mark their 50th reunion.  The group met for dinner at the home of Goizueta Business School Dean Larry Benveniste and his wife, Marie.”