Formal meetings, yes, but Goizueta also hosts social gatherings for recruiters and students. PHOTO: Amrit Bhavinani

In looking for a perfect MBA program, prospective students have plenty to consider. Once in school, there’s even more to keep in mind when it comes to coursework and — ultimately — landing a job.

It can be stressful, but Goizueta does a little more to help break the ice and encourage a positive interaction between students and potential employers.

Along with hosting traditional on-campus events for recruiters and students Goizueta’s Career Management Center plans more social gatherings.

Themed events, including bowling, are described in a recent post on the Businessweek website. But it’s not all fun and games.

“It’s not a party,” said Wendy Tsung, associate dean of the MBA Career Services.

Tsung told BusinessWeek students shouldn’t forget the importance of the interaction with recruiters, saying they should “do their research, drink moderately and not check their phone while talking to recruiters.”