Goizueta graduates continue to see success in the job market. FILE PHOTO

Bloomberg Businessweek examined job success for top MBA program graduates this week and Goizueta’s Full-Time MBA Program remains one of the nation’s best in careers post-graduation.

The Class of 2011 saw marked success in the job market, with 95 percent of students having job offers three months post graduation. That’s a 2 percent increase over the previous year, moving Goizueta to No. 7 overall in placement among top-30 business schools.


An uptick in job success was noted in 29 of the top 30 schools perhaps signifying a turn away from tough economic times.

“It’s been two years since business schools experienced the bleakest hiring period for MBA talent in recent memory,” writes Erin Zlomek of Businessweek. “Coming off of historic job-placement lows recorded in 2009, many schools reported marginally good news in 2010: Recruiting and job offers had slowly increased. This year might be cause for more emphatic celebration.”

Goizueta also saw an increase in starting salaries from 2010 to 2011.

Also, 93 percent of Class of 2010 had job offers three months post graduation (up 10 percent from the previous year). For four-straight years 100 percent of first-year students received summer internships and 100 percent of Wall Street interns received offers the past two years.