Helene Gayle and Jeff Rosensweig
Helene Gayle of CARE USA talked about non-profit leadership with Goizueta students as part of the Dean’s Speaker Series. PHOTO: Amrit Bhavinani

Last week Helene Gayle, President and CEO of CARE USA spoke to a gathering of Goizueta graduate and undergraduate students about the challenges and opportunities associated with leading a multinational non-profit.

Speaking with Associate Professor of Finance Jeff Rosensweig, Gayle discussed ongoing challenges and goals for CARE, which range from education initiatives, to health, to gender equality around the world.

CARE USA is a leading international humanitarian organization with approximately 10,000 employees. Its poverty-fighting programs reached 82 million people last year in 87 countries.

Since joining CARE in 2006, Gayle has led efforts to reinforce CARE’s commitment to empowering girls and women to bring lasting change to poor communities. Under her leadership, CARE has strengthened its focus on long-term impact, increased policy and advocacy efforts and deepened connections between poverty and the environment.

Gayle spoke at Goizueta as part of the Dean’s Leadership Series.

She said leading a non-profit organization carries some of the same characteristics of leading a successful for-profit firms, adding the need for fundraising adds a premium to the ability to build consensus among stakeholders supporters.

“The notion of partnership is so critical,” she said.

Gayle went on to say a combination of healthcare and economic development is needed to make strides in developing countries.