I came to Goizueta drawn by the rankings and the warm weather, but as a freshman I had little idea about what concentration was best for me.

I perceived the ideal career path was within finance and that the most successful students concentrated in finance and accounting, so I followed suit. As a freshman, I participated in an Investment Banking leadership program with JP Morgan in hopes of solidifying my career in Finance.

I soon discovered that my ideal career path was not as idyllic as I had hoped it would be.

Determined to find something that was both challenging and fulfilling, I interned in various sectors including nonprofit, security services and marketing. Against the advice of many, I refrained from accepting the most sought out opportunities in finance, and although sometimes scared, I continued to search for a job that would fulfill my expectations.

Luckily I found an area and a corporate culture that matched what I was looking for. Upon graduation I will be working as a Human Resource Analyst at Citibank.

It is funny to see people’s reactions when I mention that I went from banking to human resources, but the satisfaction that I have knowing that I found something that I enjoy is a great feeling.

My advice to students is, regardless of what others say, try different paths and find the one that makes you happy. After all, no one wants to sit miserably in a cubicle for countless hours doing something that is not fulfilling or enjoyable.

– Angela Angulo, BBA12