The BBA Program office is known to students as the headquarters for career coaching, advising and resources that aid students to surpass their goals. Though the office is also open to pre-BBA students, many of them are unaware of the resources available to them even before they join the BBA Program. Jessica Lowy, Assistant Director for BBA/Pre-BBA Student Advising and Programming, aims to change this with the “All Access Pass” program.

“All Access Pass” encourages students to take advantage of the resources available to them and rewards those who do so. Pre-BBAs are required to attend an information session in their residence hall and meet with Jessica for an individual advising session.

Students who completed these requirements were given an “All Access Pass” to attend a special event in the fall, Networking Night with the BBAs. Pre-BBAs had the opportunity to ask informal questions about the BBA experience and get tips for the application process. There was time for mingling and many pre-BBAs left with at least one BBA contact that they can reach out to during their application process.

At the spring event, “3 Tips for Your Resume,” BBAs gave pre-BBAs resume tips and representatives from student clubs discussed how pre-BBAs could get involved in student organizations.

The “All Access Pass” encourages growth by rewarding students who go above and beyond to seek extra advising and information about the BBA Program. The turnout for the “All Access Pass” programs has been truly astounding.

“We look forward to the program growing and will hopefully offer more events for the qualifying pre-BBAs to aid in their path to the BBA Program,” Lowy said.

– Al-Virah Kabani, BBA13