Bloomberg Businessweek’s recent article, “College Startups: The ‘New Master’s Degree,’” highlights the growing trend of undergraduate business students launching startups immediately after, or even before, graduation. The article features promising startups from top 20 undergraduate business schools, including Emory University’s Goizueta Business School undergraduate student venture, Campus Bubble. While the article acknowledges the challenges student entrepreneurs face, it notes the increasing popularity of entrepreneurship as an option for undergraduates.

Below is an excerpt from the article, which highlights Goizueta Business School:

“Still, some ideas are worth taking a leap for—and schools realize that. For example, Emory University is negotiating with some of its undergraduate students for a stake in their business, Campus Bubble, which is likeGoogle Circles (GOOG) for universities. The relationship between the institution and the student entrepreneurs is evolving, says Andrea Hershatter, senior associate dean and director of the BBA program at Goizueta Business School.

So far, Campus Bubble is the first student venture to be officially licensed by the university, which means it can use Emory’s name, infrastructure, and back-end support. Emory is the home base and beta test for Campus Bubble, says Hershatter. Not every undergraduate business gets funding from the school. But schools provide all sorts of support for these budding entrepreneurs, including relevant course work, a professional network, mentorship, office space, business plan competitions, and more.”

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