Joey Reiman, adjunct marketing professor for the Goizueta Business School and CEO of BrightHouse.


Emory University’s Joey Reiman, adjunct marketing professor for the Goizueta Business School, has again made headlines for his impressive work with ideation. The World Financial Review recently published an article featuring an excerpt of Reiman’s newest book ‘The Story of Purpose: The Path to Creating a Bright Brand, a Greater Company, and a Lasting Legacy.’ In their words, “Reiman’s philosophy revolves around the idea that if we allow our true purpose to become manifest in our daily actions, we can build toward a happier, more humanised and unified world.”

Teaching a course at Goizueta on ‘Ideation,’ Reiman brings his experience as the founder and CEO of BrightHouse, the world’s first ideation corporation, to the classroom. Brighthouse is located in Atlanta, Georgia and works with companies such as Newell Rubbermaid and Coca-Cola to promote purposeful excellence in business. For each company that comes to them, BrightHouse conducts a process that leads to the organization’s master idea, the driving force that allows it to add true value. This involves looking back into the company’s history, extracting its ethos, and devising a plan for the future in which it can be, not just a leader in the world, but rather a leader for the world.

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