Previous trips have included Nicaragua, Honduras, and Ethiopia.
Previous trips have included Nicaragua, Honduras, and Ethiopia.

Goizueta Business School was recently highlighted an article published by titled “Bolivia to join electronic waste recycling venture.”

The piece discusses how Bolivia is welcoming international investment in a new electronic waste recycling business, also known as urban mining.  Increased e-waste recycling is set to raise the profile of countries where the recycling of business, household and industrial detritus until recently was a meager occupation for impoverished children and adults subsisting on the fringes of society.  Originally pioneered by Chile where there is now “viable business working in tandem with international buyers of reprocessed metals,” e-waste recycling is a potential new revenue source for the entire Caribbean, Central and South American expanse.

Pointing to urban mining ventures in countries with mountains of electronic litter, iStockAnalyst offers the work of Goizueta students.

On Aug. 3 Goizueta students arrived in Bolivia’s Santa Cruz region to work on the practicability of building a more efficient recycling plant, creating jobs in the process.  A team of five Evening MBA students and two Full-Time MBA students makes up this Social Enterprise @ Goizueta project-based learning opportunity.  After spending three weeks applying skills learned in the classroom to conduct a feasibility study for Kimberly-Clark, the students will present their findings and offer possible solutions to company executives. The trip offers direct involvement in corporate social responsibility measures and gives students the type of experiential learning experiences that distinguishing Goizueta Business School as a leader in business education.

-Meredith Farahmand