Veterans Day 2013
Veterans Day 2013 Speaker, Dr. Daniel J. Kaufman

In observance of Veterans Day, the Emory Veterans Association hosted retired general Dr. Daniel J. Kaufman at the Goizueta Business School.  On Thursday November 7, Kaufman shared lessons on service and leadership, followed by a reception featuring some of the best BBQ in town.

To an audience full of student veterans as well as their classmates and faculty, Dr. Kaufman said,  “[Veterans Day] is a day for reflection and gratitude…It is also a day of personal sorrow for those who have lost loved ones…But I argue that it is also a day for all of us to be very proud, to show our collective national pride and illustrate our appreciation for those who have served and sacrificed to establish and preserve the freedoms that we cherish.”

Dr. Kaufman’s service began upon receiving his undergraduate degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1968.  He went on to earn a Bronze Star for heroism and two Purple Hearts during his military service, including tours with cavalry and armor units in the United States and Vietnam. Dr. Kaufman holds a Masters of Public Administration from Harvard University as well as a Doctorate in Philosophy in Political Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  In addition, he has served as a member of the National Security Council staff in the White House and in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.  He also acted as charter president of the new Georgia Gwinnett College, located in Lawrencesville.

Veterans Day 2013
Dr. Kaufman, Veterans Day speaker, and Ken Keen, associate dean of Leadership Development

“In an era when so many act only in pursuit of narrow self-interest, today’s soldiers, airmen, marines, today’s veterans have chose the opposite choice. They have chosen to serve a cause that is greater than self…So to all of them, to the veterans, to the fallen, to their families, and to those currently on duty in harm’s way around the world, there is no tribute, no commemoration, no praise that can truly match the magnitude of your service and your sacrifice,” said Dr. Kaufman.

He went on to say, “We call Veterans Day a holiday, but for many veterans it is another day of memories that drive them to live their lives each day as best as they possibly can. For our troops, it is another day in harm’s way. For their families, it is another day to feel the absence of a loved one and concern for their safety. For our wounded warriors, it is another day of slow and arduous recovery.  So while it is important and proper that we mark this day, it is far more important that we spend our days determined to honor the opportunities given to us by all those who enter this country’s calling.”

Along with Emory University at large, the Goizueta Business School is proud to support and promote US Military Veterans.  Goizueta appreciates that individuals with military experience have gained valuable skills for transition into civilian life, including leadership, responsibility, and critical thinking. Add to that the technical, business and managerial skills that come with a Goizueta MBA, and veterans are prime for prestigious career opportunities.

Veterans Day 2013
Members of Goizueta Veterans Club, Emory Veterans Association, and veterans in attendance at the event

The Goizueta Veterans Club is comprised of students across all five MBA formats. Activities each year include student/alumni networking events, such as the Veterans Day Celebration and community service activities.  In addition, student members share helpful career opportunities, MBA conference information, scholarship and VA funding information, and relocation assistance for incoming students. Goizueta students also may participate in the larger Emory University Veterans Association, comprised of veterans enrolled in other majors across the University.

-Meredith Farahmand