As Valentine’s Day approaches, Goizueta takes time to celebrate love and the bonds of college friendships that run deep and true. Bride Alexandra Kletz Klein 15BBA and her groom Max Klein shared this image of a Goizueta mini-reunion on a very happy occasion last fall. Kletz notes, “Eight of us were actually ResLife staff as well—Terry, Judi, Alex, Matty, David, Vishal, Bill, and Russ.”

Pictured here, from left to right in the top row: Wendy Feldman Block 86C, Terry Levy Willner 85BBA, Judi Renbaum Kletz 85C, Alex Kletz Klein 15BBA, Matty Simon 16C, Zach Keating 13BBA, David Bailey 15C, and Brian Domin 16C.

Pictured here, from left to right in the middle row: Andie Belkoff 16C, Anna Rose Austria 17C, Elliot Levy 16C, Katie Usiak 16BBA, Vishal Jain 15BBA, and Jessica Scharf 16C.

Pictured here, from left to right in the bottom row: Steve Margol 84BBA, Karen Kabram Margol 85C, Jane Rollman 84C, Bill Brosius 85BBA, and Russ Bailey 85C.

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