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At Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, diversity is a vital part of the MBA experience. We spoke to current student Megan Trudo 24MBA to learn how the Goizueta MBA does diversity differently.

How Black Lives Matter Motivated Megan to Get an MBA Degree

“If you had asked me as an undergrad if I would have gone back to school, I would have told you, ‘No!’” laughs Megan Trudo. But now, as she enters the summer internship portion of a two-year MBA program, clearly something changed. To understand what motivated her to go back to school, let’s rewind to 2020.

Megan Trudo 24MBA

In 2020, amidst the pandemic and the protests following George Floyd’s death, Megan’s identity as Black and Filipino took on an even greater importance. She is passionate about her community and wanted to make an impact in the world.

Megan had long considered diversity and racial justice important topics. But 2020 convinced her she should use her career to uplift underrepresented minorities (URMs). She noticed many companies supporting Black Lives Matter, presenting her an opportunity. Having previously worked in marketing, she wanted to combine her professional experience with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

Megan decided that an MBA would give her the platform she needed to make the impact she was hoping for.

The Goizueta MBA Does Diversity Differently

Inside Goizueta is a three-day event co-led by students at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. Students from underrepresented populations, including people of color, women, and the LGBTQ+ communities, come together during this event to discuss the challenges they face in business and beyond. For Megan, it ended up being the deciding factor in her search for an MBA.

“It was just an amazing event and probably the best event I had attended on Zoom,” she says.

They were really intentional about the different events they put on, it was really catering to these underrepresented minorities. You also felt the community aspect. It’s a completely student-led event over three days, and you felt the community from the students.

Megan Trudo

The event felt like an authentic attempt at supporting diversity at a business school. And after Megan looked into the Goizueta MBA, it was clear that diversity was done differently at Goizueta.

“I just felt when I was talking to students that I experienced a bit more diversity [than] when I was talking to other schools,” she says. Diversity includes characteristics like race and gender, but different backgrounds and experiences. Goizueta embraced all those aspects of diversity.

Megan’s passions blossomed into a life of student activism committed to creating structural change. Megan now serves as the co-chair for the 2023 Inside Goizueta event. Additionally, she holds the role of president for The Consortium chapter at Emory, an organization dedicated to promoting diversity within business schools.

Diversity and Power: the Importance of URM Representation

Megan found it equally important to choose a business school that demonstrated its commitment to diversity and inclusion through tangible actions. So, how did Goizueta demonstrate its commitment to diversity and inclusion in a way that convinced Megan? She explains that it was through the appointment of individuals she could personally identify with in positions of leadership.

“The Dean of the full-time MBA program is a Black man,” says Megan.

So for me, I think it’s also seeing people in these positions of power that look like me and have had similar experiences.

Megan Trudo

When an organization places individuals from diverse backgrounds in influential roles, it demonstrates its dedication to diversity and provides inspiration and role models for URMs. Megan is motivated to become a role model for the next generation.

“I’ve had role models who have gone forth and pursued their MBA and have gone off to amazing positions. I would want to be that same role model for young women of color and underrepresented minorities.”

How Megan Intends to Promote Diversity During her Career

Megan is currently halfway through her Two-Year MBA at Goizueta. After her summer internship, the focus of the program shifts to developing specific career skills. Megan is adamant that wherever her journey takes her, her commitment to diversity will play a big role.

The company may have these diversity initiatives, but down the line, I want to make sure that I’m also [promoting diversity].

Megan Trudo

“Whether it’s holding a leadership position or doing whatever I can to increase the diversity at these companies or organizations that I might work for,” she says.

Every business school should deeply engrain diversity, a vital part of any MBA program, in its core values. Goizueta’s dedicated efforts to prioritize diversity have set it apart from its peers. As long as the school approaches diversity in a distinctive manner, more individuals like Megan will undoubtedly be inspired to make their own meaningful contributions to the world.

If you want to learn more about diversity at Goizueta, why not reach out to a Goizueta MBA ambassador?