Santiago Suarez 22MSBA, a data scientist at Truist, says the answers to company problems might be in its data.

“Everything we have has massive amounts of data,” he says. “No matter what company you’re with, no matter which industry you’re in. We have a lot of information that can really help us understand our clients and improve our customer service. It’s all about how you can use that data, extract value from it, and use it to your advantage.”

Santiago Suarez outside the Truist building.

Born and raised in Mexico, Suarez started playing competitive tennis at the age of three. He originally aspired to be a professional tennis player. However, at 18 years old, he chose to attend Georgia Southern for his college education. There, he majored in supply chain management while playing NCAA Division I tennis for the Eagles.

After graduating, Suarez worked in the supply chain industry as a global logistics specialist for Interra International.

“I realized there was so much data that wasn’t being looked at by the company,” he says. “Just by looking at data we could have solved so many issues. That led me to pursue my Master’s in Business Analytics at Emory.”

Suarez came into Goizueta with no coding experience. He says he was excited to pick up technical skills through the 10-month MS in Business Analytics (MSBA) program. As he progressed through his master’s program, he increasingly saw merit in using data to make predictions and add value to business.

The MSBA program was great because it gave me an opportunity to learn more about myself. Data science is pretty broad, and there’s so many different branches of it, and I was able to learn which ones I liked.

Santiago Suarez 22MSBA

While at Emory, Suarez used his fifth year of athletic eligibility due to COVID-19 to play for the tennis team. He says the sport gave him a nice mental break during his intensive studies. Suarez also served as an MSBA admissions ambassador. This gave him the opportunity to speak to prospective students about his experience in the program and at Emory.

Following graduation, Suarez joined Truist, first in a retail analytics internship and later in an 18-month rotational program, where he currently works.

“Every day is a new adventure with new problems to solve.”

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