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Data is everywhere, and having the insights to leverage it is key to opening up various opportunities in your professional journey. Emory University’s Goizueta Business School understands that keenly. Goizueta offers a full-time STEM-designated MS in Business Analytics (MSBA) that combines data, technology, and business in one program. It’s an academic experience that combines market-relevant skills, experiential learning, and professional development. Students can personalize this by choosing one of two tracks: Business Analytics or AI in Business.

As one of the top-tier business schools in the United States, Goizueta goes beyond other programs. It teaches student not just how to understand data, but how use it to address business challenges. An MSBA journey means having a solid foundation of support from the start. The career services provide a jackpot of industry-specific information, networking opportunities, and one-on-one coaching. Goizueta faculty are active players in the global marketplace, and the school’s small cohorts mean students receive attention in spades.

Charting a Path to Success with Stellar Career Services

The Goizueta Graduate Career Management Center works in collaboration and partnership across teams. “Our career coaches provide personalized advice on career goals, industry trends, and skill development,” says Sissy Bennett, senior director of employer relations. “Our employer relations team focuses on attracting and connecting our MSBA talent to employers seeking business data scientists skilled at serving in any function, organization, or field. They also provide opportunities to connect with employer contacts. Most of those are Goizueta alumni. We have a Fall connectivity series for MSBA students during September through early December.”

Regardless of your previous professional background, the 10-month program gears you up to become a business data scientist ready to tackle any data-driven problem. In 2022, 100 percent of graduates received and accepted offers within six months of graduation—in addition to a host of other achievements.

Central to this high success rate is a clear understanding of what this 10-month journey entails and how to leverage it to create the most impact in one’s career. “We give our MSBA students multiple opportunities to explore career options and connect with employers during our Fall Connectivity Series. These sessions are a hybrid of panel discussions and individual company presentations across analytics and targeted industries. Example topics include analytics in financial services and analytics in consulting, just to name a few,” says Bennett. “To supplement our Fall Connectivity Series, we host a spring talent expo. This is a chance for students to connect with employers seeking MSBA talent through the end of the year.”

With enough time to explore the many opportunities open to them, most MSBA students are confident and ready when it’s time to apply. “No matter where an MSBA student is in their program journey, the Goizueta Graduate Career Management Center supports and provides resources for application and interview success,” says Bennett.

Whatever your career goals, Emory’s business analytics degree can empower you to realize them. It did for these three young professionals:

Angela Tracy Guevarra 22MSBA, Decision Scientist at Delta

When she moved from Illinois to Atlanta, Angela Tracy Guevarra 22MSBA meant to pursue an accounting degree and get a CPA license. However, quantitative sciences (QSS) courses at Emory led her to apply the methods and theories to what she was learning in business. It was a natural transition from a QSS/BBA double major to the MSBA program.

“I knew that I wanted to learn about that intersection of data science and business.” Guevarra adds that supportive faculty, a meaningful capstone project, and a close-knit cohort made her program memorable.

I’ve learned how to analyze terabytes of data, tell a story out of it, and take actionable insights.

Angela Tracy Guevarra 22MSBA

“I love that it is not limited to just any industry. It offers value to any business and empowers management to correct decision making,” says Guevarra.

Mary Boken 21MSBA, Senior Data Scientist at Cox Communications

Mary Boken 21MSBA graduated with a BS in Environmental Engineering from Clemson University and was an Environmental Advisor at ExxonMobil before deciding to switch careers. “Through my work experience, I started to realize the power of data and analytics for the success of a business. I saw how sought-after these skills were in the more innovative job functions that I was interested in. So I decided I wanted to build on the skills I gained as an engineer to become a data scientist. That led me to the MSBA program at Goizueta.”

During the MSBA Insights Day, Boken saw what it means to be part of the program. It means industry connections with top employers, a shared drive between the faculty and the students, and career services and resources specifically curated for MSBA students. For Boken, these factors checked everything on her list. She was ready for a business analytics graduate education that would take her career far.

And it has. Boken credits the program for helping her grow as a leader. She’s now more confident navigating challenging projects in team settings. That’s thanks to experiences like the Business Analytics Practicum. During the practicum, Boken worked with Truist Bank on a real-world data science project. “We were able to present our final outcomes to senior leaders at Truist and at the Goizueta Business Analytics Conference. The experience allowed me to grow holistically as a data scientist. I expanded my technical, communication, project management, and presentation skills,” she says.

“The MSBA program gave me so much more than the technical skills needed to be successful as a data scientist. It also gave me the soft skills and business acumen that I will carry with me throughout my career.”

Sebastian Peña 20MSBA, Consulting Analyst at Accenture

For Sebastian Peña 20MSBA, joining Goizueta’s MSBA program opened the doors. It allowed him to join a sprawling network of companies and individuals that could advance his career.

“Goizueta does an amazing job of instilling the value of networking. It works tirelessly to provide students with opportunities to interact and meet with seasoned professionals. My biggest achievements during my career at Goizueta have been directly connected to the alumni network,” says Peña.

At Goizueta, Peña landed an internship via a networking trip organized by the Career Management Center through alumni connections. He also connected with MDs and C-suite executives in the alumni network and received their backing during the recruitment process. The Goizueta network is at the center of every major accomplishment in Peña’s career.

Thanks to their help, Peña used all he learned in his MSBA to launch his career.

Goizueta’s unrelenting focus on experience-based learning and expert faculty have given me the tools to excel as I start my professional career in the world of analytics.

Sebastian Peña 20MSBA

“The program demands a level of commitment, dedication, responsibility, time management, quality, and rigor. It pushes you past your preconceived limits and sets the bar of personal expectation at an all-time high,” he says.

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