The Data-Driven Leadership & Digital Transformation Certificate Series through Emory Executive Education will empower business leaders in the digital era.

TAMPA, FL/ June 13, 2024 — Bisk, a pioneer in online and corporate education, is expanding its partnership with Emory University, launching the Data-Driven Leadership & Digital Transformation Certificate series this fall. The series offers three new online certificate pathways centered on Business and Digital Transformation, Analytics, and AI (artificial intelligence) through Emory Executive Education by Goizueta Business School. Tailored to meet the needs of businesses navigating digital transformation, participants will utilize technology, data science, and AI in conjunction with core business principles to strategically lead, analyze, and continually anticipate and adapt to the dynamic business landscape.

Digital transformation is not merely reshaping industries; it’s redefining them. While the necessity for operational and strategic shifts in companies is clear, navigating the path to transformation is often uncertain. For leaders, it’s the decision to either disrupt, or be disrupted. The goal behind each 12-week online certificate is to quickly empower executive leaders, decision-makers, and operational managers with actionable skills and strategic insights, enabling their businesses to thrive in the digital era.

“We’re excited to incorporate Emory’s prestigious business school expertise into our portfolio,” said Bisk CEO Mike Bisk. “Recognizing the varied needs and priorities of leaders and decision-makers, our goal is to empower corporate learners to tailor their learning experiences, equipping them to lead teams effectively, serve customers, and achieve organizational success.”

The certificate series encompasses three pathways to provide participants with a comprehensive learning experience tailored to their professional goals:

Leading Digital Transformation Certificate

  • + Develops proficiency in digital and business transformation tactics, enabling effective team leadership, organizational adaptation, and strategic decision-making
  • + Enhances the career trajectory of mid to senior-level management positions

Driving ROI with Analytics Certificate

  • + Harnesses the potential of data analytics to drive significant business expansion and inform strategic leadership decisions
  • + Provides the necessary tools and strategic perspectives to utilize analytics for improving business outcomes and incorporating data-driven methodologies into leadership approaches

Leveraging AI for Business Success Certificate

  • + Delves into the intricacies of AI and its relevance in today’s business environment
  • + Delivers profound insights into leveraging AI technologies to gain a competitive edge, optimize decision-making, and drive innovation

“We are excited to expand Emory Executive Education’s professional development courses in partnership with Bisk,” said Nicola Barrett, Chief Corporate Learning Officer at Goizueta Business School. “The three new online Certificate programs are designed for busy working professionals to build the critical future-focused business skills required for career and organizational success, without the barriers of time and distance. The programs are designed and delivered by a hand-selected team of distinguished Goizueta faculty who bring both the academic rigor of their research and its practical application to help managers navigate the complexities, and capitalize on the opportunities, arising at the intersections of technology, AI, data and business.”

The inaugural certificate series kicks off October 1, with each certificate offered three times throughout the year. For further details on the programs, visit

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