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Goizueta Doctoral Candidate Jonathan Gomez Martinez

Meet Goizueta: Jonathan Gomez Martinez

Doctoral Student Overcomes Odds; Explores the Social Cost of AI-based Automation For someone who once thought college was out of reach, Jonathan Gomez Martinez 19C...

Norton, Swaminathan recipients of Donald R. Keough Award of Excellence

Named for and endowed by former Coca-Cola President and COO Donald Keough, the Donald R. Keough Award for Excellence is the school’s highest service award and recognizes extraordinary contributions by faculty and staff.

Kadous to take helm of Goizueta’s PhD program

Kathryn Kadous is the new associate dean of the Goizueta doctoral program. Her appointment was announced during a reception for the graduating PhD students in May.
Giacomo Negro

Understanding the scholarly inquiry of Giacomo Negro

According to Giacomo Negro, associate professor of organization & management, who also holds a Goizueta Term Chair and a courtesy appointment as associate professor...
Goizueta Ph.D. Celebration

Ph.D. program celebrates 10 years

The Goizueta Foundation has launched a year-long celebration of the PhD program’s tenth anniversary. The opening event, “A Decade of Doctoral Education,” brought together...

Swaminathan to Head PhD Program

Anand Swaminathan, Goizueta Chair and Professor of Organization & Management, has been named Director and Associate Dean of Goizueta's PhD Program. He takes over for...