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Faculty and staff awards abound

Last year, Professor Jagdish Sheth turned 80 and shows no signs of slowing down. During this year’s commencement ceremony, he received the 2019 Thomas Jefferson Award. This prestigious award honors a faculty or staff member who has significantly enriched the intellectual and civic life of the Emory community.

New research method evaluates financial health of companies

Breakthrough research headed by a team of marketing professors, including Goizueta's Assistant Professor of Marketing Daniel McCarthy, reveals how investors can better predict a company's worth.

New faculty join Goizueta

The fall season means crisp weather, changing leaves, and a host of new Goizueta faculty. This year, we welcome faculty specializing in finance, organization & management, marketing, and more.

New study shows Wayfair losing money on new customers

Assistant Professor of Marketing Daniel McCarthy in partnership with Peter Fader, a marketing professor at Wharton, presented a new method of valuing publicly-traded retailers that focused on customer retention.

Goizueta’s McCarthy: ‘Blue Apron doesn’t retain customers for very long’

Assistant Professor of Marketing Daniel McCarthy developed a model to assess the Blue Apron's ability to acquire and hold onto its customers.