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New research method evaluates financial health of companies

Breakthrough research headed by a team of marketing professors, including Goizueta's Assistant Professor of Marketing Daniel McCarthy, reveals how investors can better predict a company's worth.

New faculty join Goizueta

The fall season means crisp weather, changing leaves, and a host of new Goizueta faculty. This year, we welcome faculty specializing in finance, organization & management, marketing, and more.

New study shows Wayfair losing money on new customers

Assistant Professor of Marketing Daniel McCarthy in partnership with Peter Fader, a marketing professor at Wharton, presented a new method of valuing publicly-traded retailers that focused on customer retention.

Goizueta’s McCarthy: ‘Blue Apron doesn’t retain customers for very long’

Assistant Professor of Marketing Daniel McCarthy developed a model to assess the Blue Apron's ability to acquire and hold onto its customers.