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Want productivity? Address hardest tasks first

Goizueta professor Diwas KC and colleagues' research shows tackling the hardest task first helps your productivity.

Regulating hospital advertising can have negative impact on patient flow

Professors T.I. Kim and Diwas KC find that banning hospital #advertising could increase patient readmissions.

Faculty pop-up events focuses on the business of healthcare

The first-ever Goizueta faculty pop-up occurred on February 12, the brainchild of Dean Erika James. With the theme “The Business of Healthcare,” it was an opportunity to build on Emory’s knowledge in the healthcare space and to commit to Goizueta’s strategic plan to advance scholarship and create leaders in the healthcare field.

Diwas KC on healthcare operations and improvements

Goizueta’s Diwas KC is committed to finding solutions for hospital operations that could translate into real improvements in terms of cost management. Here are...

Knowledge Creation: A look at research from Fall 2017

Using rigorous methodologies, Goizueta faculty focus on researching important problems that affect the practice of business. The following is a sample of recently created new knowledge. To learn more, please visit goizueta.emory.edu/faculty.

Diwas KC delves into the complex and rapidly-changing field of healthcare

No matter the industry, every organization faces issues of efficiency and cost management. Hospitals, however, must also deal with patient outcomes, making their work...

Knowledge Creation: Featured faculty research for Fall 2015

A significant marker of a leading business school is the creation of new knowledge. Goizueta faculty, using rigorous methodologies, focus on researching important problems...
Teaching Digital

Faculty change techniques in digital age

Business education is in the throes of a historic transformation. Changes driven by technological advances and the corresponding demands of business are affecting how...

Research: The Effects of Focus on Performance

EDITOR'S NOTE: Goizueta Newsroom regularly shares news on the school, its faculty, staff, students and alumni. But we also take pride in sharing vital...