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What attracts talent to the table?

Is the time of the employee close at hand? After more than 20 years of downsizing, offshoring, buyouts, and innovation setting fire to traditional rules of the workplace, things are looking up for experienced, in-demand professionals.

Conference aimed at expanding the narrative on gender affirmation and...

More than 250 invited guests, including alumni and prospective business students, attended the inaugural #GoizuetaENGAGE women’s conference held in late October at the Southern Exchange...

Goizueta adds more key thought leaders

In recent years, under faculty leadership, Goizueta has undertaken wholesale curriculum updates designed to provide more industry-specific and contemporary coursework. Meet some of the new -- and very well-connected -- faculty in the classroom.

Faculty, staff honored with awards for 2015-16 academic year

Each year numerous awards are bestowed on faculty members at Goizueta Business School with emphasis on their roles in the classroom. For the 2015-16 academic year, professors from...

Knowledge Creation: A look at research from Spring 2016

A significant marker of a leading business school is the creation of new knowledge. Goizueta faculty, using rigorous methodologies, focus on researching important problems...
Erika Hall

Erika Hall on expanding the pie

According to Erika Hall, assistant professor of organization & management, there are three important metrics to know before entering into negotiations: the reservation price,...

Hall named to Poets & Quants 40 Under 40 list

Assistant Professor of Organization and Management Erika Hall has been named to the Poets & Quants 40 Under 40 list.

Hall named one of Atlanta’s 30 Under 30

Assistant Professor of Organization and Management Erika Hall has been named to the Atlanta Business Chronicle's prestigious 30 Under 30 list. Hall, 30, has been at Goizueta since...

Stereotypes show in light of Williams win, matches common response

Some ugly comments and stereotypes appeared after Serena Williams' latest Grand Slam win. It matches the findings in some of Erika Hall's research on gender and race, as reported by Salon.com.

Professor’s research looks at gender, racial bias in STEM

New research, co-authored by Joan C. Williams of Cal, Kathrine W. Phillips of Columbia, and Erika V. Hall of Emory has taken a look at gender bias, with particular emphasis on women of color in science.