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Goizueta faculty, using rigorous methodologies, focus on researching important problems that affect the practice of business. The following is a sample of recently created...
Measuring business growth

Researchers urge: Learn from (someone else’s) experience

Measuring your performance as a business is critical. If you want to grow and be successful, you need to understand what you do well—and not...

A copious collection of conferences

Once again Goizueta played host to a bevy of conferences, forums and summits, drawing students, scholars and business leaders to campus to make connections and enhance learning.

What attracts talent to the table?

Is the time of the employee close at hand? After more than 20 years of downsizing, offshoring, buyouts, and innovation setting fire to traditional rules of the workplace, things are looking up for experienced, in-demand professionals.

Former Ph.D. students honored by Poets & Quants

Two former Goizueta Ph.D. students were named to the prestigious Poets & Quants 40 Under 40 professors list last week. Willie Choi (University of Pittsburgh) and Marcus...

Willie Choi on accounting and beating the odds

For poker enthusiast Willie Choi 11PhD, switching from pre-law to accounting has proven a good bet. The decision landed him great mentor relationships at...

Goizueta in the News: May 5, 2011

Notable comments from Goizueta staff, faculty and students will be shared each week along with news on alumni, programs and rankings. Click here to...