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Emory: Dissertations: Academics in Action
“[PhD candidate Willie Choi’s] dissertation furthers understanding of features of compensation contracts that do not fit the pay-for-performance paradigm.”

USA Today: Shifting focus a lot at work could wreck your diet
“Findings from a new study show that frequently switching your mind-set or focus uses a lot of self-control. This may leave you with less ability to control your temper, to resist cheating on your diet or to continue your exercise routine, says Ryan Hamilton, assistant professor of marketing at Emory University in Atlanta.”

PEHUB: Madison Capital Adds Jeffrey Day
“Madison Capital has named [BBA alum] Jeffrey Day as a senior vice president in its capital markets team.”

[San Angelo, Texas] Standard-Times: Firms should retain boomers
“Retirement management will be necessary as the general population continues to age. Take a look at your workforce and rely on the Small Business Development Center’s assistance as you continue to effectively manage your business.”

Globe and Mail: Brainstorming with a feet-on-the-ground twist [link unavailable]
“The book, ‘Brainsteering,’ by Emory University business professor Kevin Coyne and his brother, management consultant Shawn Coyne, was reviewed. Ainsley Returning to SB
“Strengthening its position in the marketplace, Miller-McCune magazine has named P. Steven Ainsley, former publisher of the Boston Globe, President and Publisher.”

Goizueta Newsroom: Hartgraves Honored by JKU
“Professor Emeritus of Accounting Al Hartgraves received an honorary doctorate of social science and economics last week from Johannes Kepler University (Austrian Business School) in Linz, Austria.”