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Goizueta Business School Partners with the LGBTQ Institute on Survey

After the Marriage Equality Act passed on June 26, 2015, many people thought the legalization of same-sex marriage was the ultimate victory for LGBTQ...
Melissa Williams

Coffee with… Melissa Williams

As a teenager growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, Melissa Williams can remember wanting to understand why people do what they do. She was constantly...

Williams: Assertiveness comes with a price

EDITOR'S NOTE: This piece was originally published in The Wall Street Journal.  ... We found that women weren’t penalized for assertiveness that was expressed through nonverbal...

WSJ: The Price Women Leaders Pay for Assertiveness

Associate Professor of Organization and Management Melissa Williams notes nonverbal behaviors can paint a different picture of leadership, particularly for women in management positions.
Melissa Williams

Goizueta’s behavior lab aids in research

Creating knowledge and helping businesses make better decisions is the impetus for faculty in the area of Behavior & Decision Insights.

Emory experts comment on 2016 Election

The election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States left many people wondering what lessons can be gleaned from an unpredictable and often polarizing presidential race. Goizueta expert Melissa Williams comments on possible challenges for women serving in the administration.

Perceptions of assertive behavior at play in 2016 Election

Assistant Professor of Organization and Management Melissa Williams' research on women and perceived assertiveness can be applied to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Women in leadership sometimes labeled as “bossy”

Assistant Professor Melissa Williams discusses the "backlash" many women feel when they reach positions of leadership in the workplace.