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Benjamin Holladay 22MBA

Competitor Holds Rigor as a Core Value

You might call Benjamin Holladay 22MBA competitive. He certainly does. Whether he’s developing nuclear propulsion solutions for the U.S. Navy or concocting authentic Neapolitan...

The Stories We Tell, In Business and in Life

Happy, driven, and an infinitely curious storyteller, Octavius O.C. Chen 22BBA brings many talents and strengths to the Goizueta classroom and his leadership...
Philanthropy lab participants

Goizueta Students Allocate more than $55,000 in Grants through Philanthropy Lab...

Philanthropy Lab introduces MBA and BBA students to the role of philanthropy by solving public problems, with a focus on income inequality in Atlanta.
Impact Investing

MBA Students Win Big for Impact Investing in Authentic Brands

Goizueta Business School students work alongside venture capitalists in international impact investing competitions that boost social awareness.